Viking T1

The Grob G103A Twin II Acro, known by the RAF as the Viking T1, is used by the Air Cadet Organisation to give basic gliding training to air cadets.

The aircraft is currently used by 10 Volunteer Gliding Squadrons located at various sites around the UK. Their role is to train air cadets to a standard that will allow them to fly solo.


  • Engines: The aircraft can be winch launched or aero-towed
  • Thrust: 0lbs
  • Max speed: 119kts
  • Length: 8.18m
  • Max altitude: 8,000ft
  • Span: 17.50m
  • Aircrew: 2


The Viking is used for basic training, high-performance flying and simple aerobatic flying and is a cost-effective, modern glider, ideally suited to its training role with the Air Cadet Organisation. Courses available to the air cadets are the gliding induction course, the gliding scholarship course and the advanced gliding training course.

The aircraft is also used at the RAF Central Gliding School, at Syerston, where it is used in the training of the VGS instructors.


Training Aircraft

Hawk T2


A training aircraft with mission avionics that are representative of front-line aircraft.

King Air


Used as an advanced, multi-engine pilot trainer



Used for Single Engine Rotary Wing training.

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