Griffin HAR2


The Griffin HAR2 is used as multi-role helicopter by 84 Squadron at RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus.


  • Engines: Two Pratt & Whitney PT6T- 3D turboshafts
  • Thrust: 900shp each
  • Max speed: 140kts
  • Length: 17.11m
  • Max altitude: 20,000ft
  • Span: 14.02m
  • Aircrew: 3/5

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Who uses the Griffin HAR2

84 Squadron
RAF Akrotiri


The Griffin HAR2 is used as multirole helicopter by 84 Squadron at RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus. The Squadron operates four aircraft, supplied and maintained by the civilian company FBH services, but operated by experienced military aircrews. The Griffin HAR2 is a twin-engined helicopter derived from the civilian Bell Textron 412EP helicopter and is powered by two Pratt and Whitney turboshafts rated at 1800shp. The aircraft has an advanced, composite material, four-blade main rotor system, and pendulum dampers on the rotor hub to reduce vibrations at higher cruise speeds. The composite main-blades can be interchanged and folded easily for storage. The Griffin is used by 84 Squadron for Search and Rescue duties over land in mountainous terrain during the day, and over the sea at night by using night vision goggles and its FLIR/TV turret. The Squadron's primary role is the rescue of downed aircrew in the water or on cliffs, and the rescue of personnel from military and commercial shipping.

The electrical hoist will life three personnel and the cabin will accommodate two stretcher casualties. With full life-support equipment available in the cabin, the paramedic-trained winchmen can provide the highest level of patient care en-route to hospital. 84 Squadron operate throughout the Eastern Mediterranean area and provide great assistance to the civil communities in the region. They also support military exercises as far afield as Jordan. In the SH role, the Griffin HAR2 carries six (eight if operationally essential) fully equipped troops from the smallest and dustiest of sites, and in the VIP role it continually carried visitors around Cyprus. The Griffin is used extensively on fire-fighting duties during the dry Cypriot summers, quelling the numerous bush fires by use of a Bambi bucket Under Slung load hooking. The bucket can pickup 2000lb of water and deliver it very accurately onto the seat of the fire.

The aircraft is equipped with a modern avionics suit which is fully IFR compliant in which couples to a four axis duplex autopilot. The Griffin's radar is used for weather avoidance and as a shipping search radar when operating over the sea. The aircraft has a 2hr 45mins endurance, a 120 knot cruise speed and a 3000lb payload. 84 Sqn has a total of 15 aircrew to maintain their 24/7 role. Six pilots operate in their single pilot role, whilst a total of nine WSOs share the search, rescue and paramedic duties when operating on SAR missions.

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