K170A2 Light Anti-Armour Weapon

Light Anti-Armour Weapon during manufacturers testing

Calibre: Warhead 150mm

Launcher: 115mm

Weight: 12.7kg

Length: 1m

Warhead: Single Shaped Charge, High Explosive

Anti-Tank Effective Range: 20m-600m

The K170A2, Next-Generation Light Anti-Armour Weapon (NLAW) is a section weapon system that is a fire-and-forget, shoulder launched missile, carried and operated by one man.

It incorporates a Single Shaped Charge, High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) warhead that initiates by sensor or on impact.

The K170A2 is capable of firing in one of two attack modes selected by the operator: Overfly Top Attack (OTA) or Direct Attack (DA). The system also incorporates a guidance system that uses Predicted Line of Sight (PLOS) for engagement of moving targets.

It is capable of firing its projectile with high velocity and accuracy from open and enclosed spaces at ranges between 20m and 600m.

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