L110A2 Light Machine Gun

2013 L110A2 Light-Machine-Gun-header

Calibre: 5.56mm

Weight: 7.1kg (8.5kg with 100 rounds)

Length: 914mm

Feed: 100 round disintegrating belt

Muzzle Velocity: 875m/s

Effective Range: 800m

Cyclic Rate of Fire: 700 to 1,000rpm

The L110A2, Light Machine Gun (LMG) was developed from the Minimi Light Machine Gun following the capability gap experienced on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The LMG is a belt-fed suppression weapon that provides an RAF Regiment section commander the ability to employ sustained suppressive fire onto an objective out to 300m. Coupled with the LSW, this is a considerable increase in the Sections effective suppressive fire power.

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