L111A1 Heavy Machine Gun

2013 L111A1 heavy machine gun

Calibre: 12.7mm

Weight: 38.15kg (gun only)

Length: 1,656mm

Barrel Lenght: 629mm

Muzzle Velocity: 915m/s

Feed: 50 round disintegrating belt

Effective Range: 2,000m

Cyclic Rate of Fire: 485-635rpm

The L111A1, Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) provides integral close-range support from a ground mount tripod or a vehicle cupola.

The performance of the HMG has been enhanced with a new ‘softmount’ (to limit recoil and improve accuracy) and a quick-change barrel.

The HMG provides the RAF Regiment flight and section with increased capability at greater ranges (1,500-2,000m) when support from Close Air Support or mortars is not available.

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