L115A3 Sniper Rifle


Calibre: 8.59mm

Weight: 6.8kg

Length: 1,300mm

Muzzle Velocity: 936m/s

Feed: 5 round box

Effective Range: 1,100m plus

The L115A3 was brought to service when the need for a long range rifle was identified.

The weapon replaced the L96 (7.62mm Sniper Rifle) and was made by the same Portsmouth-based Gunsmiths, Accuracy International. The L115A3 has a scope that can magnify the target up to 25 times, a suppressor to reduce flash and noise, a folding stock and a five-round magazine. The RAF Regiment Snipers operate as a 2-man team.

The number 1 will be armed with the L115A3 and the number 2, the team commander, will be armed with the Sniper Support Weapon (SSW).

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