L7A2 General Purpose Machine Gun


Calibre: 7.62mmWeight: 13.85kg (gun plus 50-round belt)

Length: 1,230mm (light role)

Barrel length: 629mm

Muzzle Velocity: 838m/s

Feed: 100-round disintegrating link belt

Effective Range: 800m light role, 1,800m sustatined fire role

Cyclic Rate of Fire: 750rpm

The L7A2, General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) is a 7.62 x 61mm belt-fed general purpose machine gun that can be used as a light weapon, vehicle-mounted or in a sustained fire (SF) role.

In the SF role, mounted on a tripod and fitted with the C2 optical sight, it is fired by a two-man team who are grouped within a RAF Regiment Flight's Manoeuvre Support Section. The GPMG can be carried on foot; a fold-out bipod is used to support the GPMG employed in the light role.

On recent operations, the GPMG is mounted as a commander's weapon on the Jackal and on the gunner's weapon station on the Panther and Foxhound vehicles.

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