RAF Falcons team walk in after a jump


The RAF Falcons Parachute Display Team is the only centrally funded, professional, military parachute display team in the UK. We hope that you will be captivated by our exciting free fall display, which includes advanced manoeuvres, falling at speeds up to 120 mph, and our famous unique non-contact canopy stack.

If you would like to request an RAF Falcons display, please visit our Request a Display page.

Display Venues 2017

RAF Falcons parachute stack

Find out where you can see one of our displays this summer.

Parachute Equipment

Parachute equipment thumbnail

RAF Falcons parachute display team relies on a range of very specialised equipment to carry out displays.

Display Format

RAF Falcons parachuting over fields

The RAF Falcons display is flexible with High, Mid or Low shows depending on weather conditions.

Display Day

Aerial shot of RAF Falcons parachuting into an arena

A day in the life of an RAF Falcon on a display day.

Jump Platforms

RAF Falcons jumping out of a plane

The RAF Falcons jump from a variety of aircraft depending on availability and the nature of the display.

History of the Falcons

First RAF Falcons in 1961

The RAF Falcons have enjoyed a long and distinguished history since the pioneers of 1961.

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