Request a Display

Request a Display

If you would like the RAF Falcons to display at your event you can submit an application to the RAF Events Team, who manage the allocation of RAF display teams. Please note that applications must be submitted through the RAF Events Team; the RAF Falcons are not able to take direct bookings.

The RAF Events Team receive around 150 requests for displays by the RAF Falcons each year, but only about 60 can be fitted into the team's summer program. The RAF Falcons display season begins in May and finishes in September each year; unfortunately the Team are not able to display outside of this period due to training and operational commitments. A minimum hazard-free area of 75 yds x 75 yds is required for the RAF Falcons drop zone and all displays are subject to the approval of a site survey.

If you would like to request a display by the RAF Falcons, please download and complete the Display Application Form and send it to:

RAF Events Team
Bentley Priory Building
RAF Northolt
West End Road

You can also telephone 0208 833 8769 or e-mail for more information.

Please only use this e-mail address for display requests; for general correspondence please visit our Contact Us page.

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Request a Display


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