RAF Falcons landing after a training parachute jump


Prior to the start of the display season the RAF Falcons leave the inclement weather of the UK behind them and head for parachuting locations in California and Arizona to complete the majority of their display parachute training. On their return to the UK the Team undertake a further period of training adjusting to the UK’s unpredictable weather conditions.

The aim of the training is to teach the first year team members all aspects of display parachuting and integrate all the RAF Falcon members into a close-knit team, ready for the forthcoming season. Although experienced instructors, display parachuting is alien to the new team members, offering them many new challenges. The training consists of numerous modules which include various written and practical assessments and the training is both mentally and physically demanding.

The Team complete 8 descents per day and pack their own parachutes. Due to the progressive nature of the training, the Team is initially broken down into small groups, consisting of varying experience levels. Group sizes are gradually increased, culminating in the full Team performing high, mid and low altitude displays. The finishing touches are then introduced with smokes and life jackets being worn and advanced manouevres performed.

Want to be an RAF Falcon?

RAF training

As with any career in the RAF, the journey begins by visiting your local Armed Forces Careers Office, located all over the country.

Freefall Training

RAF Falcons doing free fall training

For the last 5 years the RAF Falcons have embarked upon pre-season exercises that focus strongly on close proximity free fall flying.

Wind Tunnel

Wind tunnel training

The wind tunnel at Bodyflight, Bedford has become one of the RAF Falcons major training facilities over the last three years.

Life After the RAF Falcons

Military parachute training

In addition to the busy display schedule, team members also receive advanced coaching and tuition to enable them to become Military Freefall Instructors.

Military Parachuting

Military parachute training

Winston Churchill first introduced parachuting into the Armed Forces in 1940 when a small Airborne Assault was planned for the Tragino Aqueduct in Italy.

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