RAF Falcons doing free fall training

Freefall Training

For the last 5 years the RAF Falcons have embarked upon pre-season exercises that focus strongly on close proximity free fall flying. Team members receive a period of prolonged exposure to advanced skydiving techniques. In addition to preparing them for displays, the aim of the training is for each team member to attain the coveted Military Free Fall Instructor qualification. By doing this they gain the knowledge required to provide our airborne soldiers with the best instructors.

The team undertake a variety of skydives, included in this is ‘dirt diving’, a technique for rehearsing a skydive on the ground before performing it in the air. Full video debriefing allows the team members to assess their performance and improve highlighted areas. This process not only helps develop their skydiving skills but also allows them to identify areas of weakness and improve on them. These are skills fundamental to being good free fall instructors.

Falcons Brochure 2017

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