RAuxAF Promotion Board Vacancy

RAuxAF SAC to Cpl (Logs(Dvr)) Promotion Board - 504 Squadron RAuxAF - RAF Wittering

The JPA Number(s) for this vacancy: 1960637

Unit / Establishment / Location: RAF Wittering - 504 Squadron RAuxAF
Rank: Corporal
Trade: Logistics (Driver)
Terms: RAuxAF Promotion Board

A RAuxAF SAC to Cpl (Logs(Dvr)) Promotion Board will be held at RAF Wittering for the purpose of selecting RAuxAF/Ex Regular personnel for promotion to fill a Cpl, (Logs(Dvr)), PTVR vacancy on 504 Sqn RAuxAF.


Applicants should meet the following criteria.


For consideration for promotion Cpl rank, candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Have attained the rank of substantive SAC and have met any minimum qualifying period in that rank, set or required by HQ Air.
  • Have passed any prescribed trade examinations and any other conversion/further training courses required or set by the competent authority.
  • Have a current recommendation for promotion to Cpl.

Selection process

An Appointment Board will carry out a rigorous selection process for this post, based principally on an applicant’s last 3 Appraisal Reports. Telephone enquiries in respect of these vacancies should be made to:

Sgt Fleming
Mil - 95351 7199
Civ - 01780 417199


Applications from suitably qualified personnel together with copies of their last 3 appraisal reports, are required no later than 14 July 2017 and should be addressed to:

Chief Clerk
Sgt Fleming
504 Sqn RAuxAF
RAF Wittering
PE 8 6HB

Closing date

The closing date for applications is: 14/07/2017