133 Squadron


Squadron badge


Let us to the battle.


On a hurt a semée of mullets, an eagle deployed.

History of 133 Squadron:

No. 133 Squadron was formed at Ternhill on 1 March 1918 but did not become operational before it was disbanded on 4 July 1918. It started to reform again on 28 October 1918 but the war ended two weeks later and the formation was not pursued.

On 1 August 1941, No. 133 reformed at Coltishall as the third 'Eagle' Squadron manned by American personnel. Equipped with Hurricanes it became operational at the end of September. The next month the Squadron moved to Northern Ireland, returning to Lincolnshire at the end of the year. In April 1942 the Squadron took part in its first fighter sweep over France and moved to Biggin Hill early in May. Sweeps continued until 29 September 1942 when the Squadron was transferred to the USAAF as the 336th Fighter Squadron of the 4th Fighter Group.

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