146 Squadron



Percutit insidians pardus - 'The watchful panther strikes'


A panther's head couped, facing to the sinister.

History of 146 Squadron:

No. 146 Squadron was formed at Risalpur on 15 October 1941 with four Audaxes. A few days before the outbreak of war in the Far East, it moved to Assam to provide air defence for the area. Fortunately it was not required to take its elderly biplanes into action before it received Mohawks at the end of March 1942. In May the Squadron moved to Calcutta and converted to Hurricanes which formed part of the fighter defence for Bengal until January 1943, when the Squadron began ground attack missions over Burma from advanced bases. In April 1943, No. 146 moved to the Burma Front where it flew both offensive and defensive operations until February 1944, when it was withdrawn to southern India. In June the Squadron converted to Thunderbolts which it took back to Burma in September. No. 146's aircraft were engaged in ground attack sweeps against Japanese bases and communications until June 1945 when the Squadron was disbanded.

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