147 Squadron



Assidue portamus - 'We carry with regularity'


In front of a staff, a shuttle.

History of 147 Squadron:

No. 147 formed in Egypt on 1 May 1918 but did not become operational before the end of the war and was disbanded in March 1919.

It was reformed as a heavy bomber unit on 17 October 1941, but it was January 1942 before personnel for No. 147 began to assemble at St. Jean, Palestine. Due to shortage of Liberators at the time it provided maintenance parties and did not receive any aircraft before disbanding on 15 February 1943. On 5 September 1944, the Squadron was reformed again at Croydon as a transport unit and its Dakotas began passenger and freight flights between the UK and the newly-liberated cities in France and Belgium. These were extended to Italy soon afterwards and a flight of Ansons was placed in service for short-range services. On 31 August 1946 the last scheduled service took place and the Squadron was disbanded on 13 September 1946.

On 1 February 1953, No. 1 Long Range Ferry Unit at Abingdon was renumbered 147 Squadron and soon afterwards moved to Benson. The Squadron engaged in ferrying aircraft to various RAF bases around the world before it was amalgamated with No. 167 Squadron on 15 September 1958.

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