Battle of Britain

170 Squadron



"Videre non videri" ("To see and not to be seen")


Issuant from a helmet affrontée, the vizor closed, a plume of three ostrich feathers

History of 170 Squadron:

No.170 Squadron was formed at Weston Zoyland on 15 June 1942 as a tactical reconnaissance unit equipped with Mustangs. After taking part in excersises with the Army, it began reconnaissance missions on 4 January 1943. These continued throughout 1943, while other tasks included low-level defensive patrols to intercept enemy fighter-bombers attacking South Coast towns and intruder raids on communications targets in northern France. In July, the squadron joined Second TAF but was disbanded on 15 January 1944.

On 15 October 1945, No.170 reformed at Kelstern from C Flight of No.625 Squadron and began night bombing with Lancasters on 19 October. These operations continued until the end of the war and on 14 November 1945, the squadron was disbanded.

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