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240 Squadron



"Sjo-Vordur Lopt-Vordur (Icelandic)" ("Guardian of the sea guardian of the sky")


In front of a hurt, a winged helmet

History of 240 Squadron:

No 240 Squadron was formed in August 1918 at Calshot from Nos.345, 346 and 410 Flights, the former operating flying boats and No.410 and 411, Short seaplanes. After flying anti-submarine patrols over the English Channel until the end of the war, the squadron disbanded on 15 May 1919.

On 30 March 1937, No.240 reformed from flight C of the Seaplane Training Squadron at Calshot. Equipped with Scapas, it was engaged in training duties until January 1939, when it became an operational unit. It had recently replaced its Scapas with Singapores, but reverted to a training role in June 1939, and on receiving Londons became an operational unit again in July. Conversion to Lerwicks was abandoned in October 1939. Moving to its war station in Invergordon, No.240 began patrols over the North Sea when war broke out on September. At the end of May 1940, the squadron moved to Pembroke Dock and began patrols over the Western Approaches with Stranraers, a detachment moving in July to Oban. Conversion to Catalinas began in March 1941, when the squadron's base changed to Lough Erne in Northern Ireland. After a year operating over the Adlantic, No.240 began to leave for India, its aircraft flying out in June to begin patrols over the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. In December 1944, it also began flying supplies and agents to the Dutch East Indies but was disbanded on 1 July 1945.

On the same day, No.212 Squadron, also at Redhills Lake, was renumbered 240 Squadron and was joined by No.240's former Speacial Duties Flight. No.212 was in the course of converting from Catalinas to Sunderlands but after a few special duties and meteorlogical missions, the end of the war came. The squadron moved to Ceylon in January 1945 and disbanded on 31 March 1946.

On 1 May 1952, No.240 reformed at St.Eval as a maritime reconnaissance squadron equipped with Shackeltons moving in June 1952 to Northern Ireland where it was renumbered 203 Squadron on 1 November 1958. On 1 August 1959, it reformed at Breighton as a Thor strategic missile squadron, disbanding on 8 January 1963.

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