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256 Squadron



"Addimus vim viribus" ("Strength to Strength")


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History of 256 Squadron:

No 256 Squadron was formed in June, 1918 at Sea Houses from Nos.525,526, 527 and 528 Flights for coastal patrols off the coast of north-east England being a coastal station already in operation at that time. After the end of the war, the squadron disbanded on 30 June 1919.

On 23 November 1940, No.256 reformed at Catterick as a night fighter squadron with Defiants and became operational over south-west England early in February 1941. In March it moved north to defend Merseyside and in July aquired some Hurricanes. Beaufighters began to arrive in May 1942, and were flown until the squadron was transferred to southern England in April 1943 and converted to Mosquitoes. In July 1943, a detachment was sent to Malta to help cover the Allied landings in Sicily and in October the wholw squadron moved there. In April 1944 it moved to Algeria whre it absorbed the Spitfires of the Gibraltar Defence Flight on 6 May and in August moved to Sardinia, followed a month later by a move to Italy. Intruder Flights over the Balkans began and continued until the end of the war. In September 1945, No.256 moved to Egypt and in addition to its night fighter role also operated a flight of meteorlogical Mosquitoes from April 1946. After moving to Cyprus in July 1946 the squadron disbanded on 12 September 1946.

On 27 November 1952, No.256 reformed at Ahlhorn with Meteor night fighters as part of No.125 Wing for air defence duties in Germany. On 21 January 1959, it was renumbered 11 Squadron.

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