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267 Squadron



"Sine Mora" ("Without delay")


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History of 267 Squadron:

No 267 Squadron was formed at Calafrana, Malta on 27 September 1918, form Nos.360, 361, 362 and 363 Flights based at the seaplane station there. It flew anti-submarine patrols until the Armistice and remained in being as an operational squadron and aircraft holding unit until renumbered 481 Flight on 1 August 1923.

On 19 August 1940, No.267 reformed from the Communications Unit, Heliopolis, for local transport duties in Egypt. It used a variety of types for transporting passengers, mail and freight between Egypt and outlying bases. Larger aircraft were acquired by the end of 1941 and by August 1942, operations extended throughout the Mediterranean area and its role included the movement of personnel and equipment, casualty evacuation and occasional supply-dropping missions to guerilla bands in Italy and the Balkans. In November 1943, No.267 moved to Italy and in February 1945 was transferred to India, where it carried supplies during the 14th Army's final offensive that cleared Burma of the Japanese. After a period of general transport duties, the squadron disbanded on 30 June 1946, though it continued operations until 21 July.

On 15 February 1945, No.267 reformed at Kuala Lumpur as a transport support and communications squadron in Malaya. It flew Pioneers, Pembrokes and Dakotas equipped with loudspeakers until renumbered 209 Squadron on 1 November 1958. On 1 November 1962, it reformed at Benson with Argosies for transport duties in No.38 Group disbanding on 30 June 1970.

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