RAF Banner with Crest.

277 Squadron


Squadron badge


"Quaerendo servamus" ("We save by seeking")


A winged hand couped at the wrist clasping a hand rising from watter barry waved

History of 277 Squadron:

No 277 Squadron was formed on 22 December 1941 at Stapleford Tawney from air-sea rescue detachments at Martlesham Heath, Hawkinge, Shoreham and Tangmere and its aircraft covered the busy area between south-east England and northern France over which large numbers of RAF fighters and bombers operated. In May 1942, Defiants began to arrive and by the end of the year the squadron had acquired Spitfires for spotting ditched aircrews. From August 1944 on, No.277's area was extended westwards to Cornwall and in November it received Warwicks from No.276 Squadron. On 15 February 1945, the squadron was disbanded but remained at readiness until 26 February while No.278 Squadron took over its tasks.

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