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316 Squadron



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History of 316 Squadron:

No 316 Squadron was formed at Pembrey on 15 February 1941 as a Polish fighter unit equipped with Hurricanes. It was engaged in defensive duties over south-west England until it re-equipped with Hurricanes IIs and began sweeps over northern France. In October 1941 the squadron converted to Spitfires and moved to Northolt. After being transferred to Yorkshire at the end of July 1942. No.316 came south again in March 1943 for a further six months of offensive operations. In April 1944, Mustangs were received and the squadron moved to East Anglia for fighter-bomber and escort missions. In July it moved to the South coast to operate against flying-bombs before resuming escort duties in October, which lasted for the rest of the war. On 11 December 1946, the squadron was disbanded.

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