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326, 327, 328 Squadrons

326, 327, 328 SQUADRONS


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History of 326, 327, 328 Squadrons:

Nos.326, 327 and 328 Squadrons were formed on 1 December 1943 by numbering three French fighter squadrons, two in Corsica and one in North Africa, for air defence duties. No.328 moved to Corsica to join the other two Spitfire squadrons and as a wing they covered the Allied landings in southern France in August 1944. Early in September, all three moved to France, and moved north to Alsace Lorraine where they flew offensive sweeps over south-west Germany for the rest of the war, supporting the French First Army during its advance across the Rhine. In November 1945 the squadrons ceased to be RAF units, although in practice they had been acting independently since all RAF units engaged in the invasion of southern France had been withdrawn to Italy in October 1944.

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