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341 Squadron





On a hand three crowns of Alsace

History of 341 Squadron:

No.341 Squadron was formed at Turnhouse on 15 January 1943 from personnel of the Free French Flight, which had been operating in the Western Desert. Equipped with Spitfires, it moved to Biggin Hill in March and began to take part in sweeps over France. In October the squadron moved to Cornwall for similar operations over Brittany, returning in April 1944 to join No.145 Wing. After covering the Allied landings in France in June 1944, No.341 moved to Normandy in August and arrived in Belgium in September. Armed reconnaissance sweeps over Germany were directed mainly at enemy communications for the rest of the war, apart from a month in Scotland during February 1945. On 7 November 1945, the squadron gave up its aircraft on transfer to Friedrichshaven and on the following day passed to the control of the Armée de l'Air.

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