RAF Banner with Crest.

350 Squadron



"Belgae gallorum fortissimi" ("The Belgae, bravest of the Gauls")


An ancient Belgian warrior's head with helmet

History of 350 Squadron:

No.350 Squadron was formed at Valley on 12 November 1941, as the first Belgian-manned fighter squadron. Equipped with Spitfires, it became operational on defensive duties on 22 December and moved south in April 1942 to begin flying sweeps over northern France. Withdrawn to northern England in March 1943, No.350 resumed offensive operations in October and joined Second TAF in preparation for the invasion of Europe. After covering the Allied landings, the squadron re-equipped with Spitfire XIVs and for the next month was engaged in intercepting flying-bombs over southern England. This was followed by sweeps over the Netherlands and in December 1944 the squadron moved to Belgium. Low-lvel attacks on enemy communications in support of the Allied armies occupied the squadron until the end of the war. After serving with the occupation forces, No.350 was transferred to the control of the Belgian Air Force on 15 October 1946.

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