RAF Banner with Crest.

550 Squadron



Through fire we conquer" (per ignum vincimus)


In front of flames of fire a sword points upwards. The badge is symbolic of the squadron's power to force its way through barrage of fire and fighter opposition to drop its bombs. It can also be taken as symbolic of the squadron's raids with both incendiary and high-explosive bombs

History of 550 Squadron:

No.550 Squadron was formed at Grimsby on 25 November 1943 from C Flight of No.100 Squadron and began operations with Lancasters over Germany immediately. For the rest of the war it took part in the strategic air offensive against German industry, retaining Lancasters throughout its short period of service. After the German surrender, it helped bring back released prisoners-of-war to the UK and after a period of trooping to Italy was disbanded on 31 October 1945.

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