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608 Squadron



"Omnibus ungulis" ("With all talons")


A falcon's leg, belled and fessed

History of 608 Squadron:

No 608 Squadron was formed on 17 March 1930 at Thornaby as a day bomber unit of the Auxiliary Air Force. Waptis began to arrive in June 1930 and were replaced by Demons from January 1937, the squadron being redesignated a fighter unit on 16 January 1937. On 20 March 1939, No.608 became a general reconnaissance squadron and re-equipped with Ansons. These began to be replaced by Bothas after the outbreak of war and both types flew anti-submarine patrols from Thornaby. Bothas were found to be unsuitable and the squadron reverted to Ansons until March 1941, when Blenheims were received. These were soon replaced by Hudsons and attacks on enemy shipping began. In January 1942, No.608 moved to the north of Scotland for attacks off the Norwegian coast, but in October left for North Africa. By the end of 1942, the squadron was flying anti-submarine patrols over the Western Mediterranean from Algeria, a move being made to Sicily in September for a month, before moving on to Italy where the squadron disbanded on 31 July 1944.

On 1 August 1944, No.608 reformed at Downham Market as a Mosquito squadron in No.8 Group and for the rest of the war carried out night attacks on Germany. On 24 August 1945, the squadron was disbanded. It was reformed on 10 May 1946 as an Auxiliary Air Force light bomber unit at Thornaby, but did not receive any operational bombers before becoming a night fighter unit with the arrival of Mosquito NF.30's in July 1947. In May 1948, its role was changed to that of a day fighter squadron and it re-equipped with Spitfires. Vampires began to arrive in December 1949 and were flown until disbandment on 10 March 1957.

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