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620 Squadron



"Dona ferentes adsumus" ("We are bringing gifts")


In front of a demi-pegasus couped, a flash of lightning

History of 620 Squadron:

No 620 Squadron was formed from C Flight of No.214 Squadron on 17 June 1943 at Chedburgh as a heavy bomber unit with Stirlings and began operations two days later. It carried out night bombing missions until 19 November 1943, moving a few days later to Leicester East to become an airbourne forces squadron. Training in glider-towing and supply dropping was supplemented by operational trips over France to drop supplies to resistance forces, these beginning on 4 February 1944. Early on D-Day, No.620 provided twenty-three Stirlings to drop Paratroops in Normandy, following up later with eighteen glider tows. On the opening day of the Arnhem landings, six Stirlings dropped Paratroops and nineteen towed gliders into the landing zones, followed by sixty-one supply flights in the course of which five Stirlings were lost. In January 1945, tactical bombing operations began to be flown against major targets behind the German front line and for the last major airbourne attack of the war, thirty aircraft towed gliders across the Rhine. Troops were flown to Norway in early May to disarm the German occupation forces, shortly before the squadron converted to Halifaxes. In January 1946, No.620 began moving to the Middle East, where in June it acquired some Dakotas. On 1 September 1946, the squadron was renumbered No.113 Squadron.

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