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621 Squadron



"Ever ready to strike"


A hooded Cobra

History of 621 Squadron:

No 621 Squadron was formed at Port Reitz, Kenya on 12 September 1943 as a general reconnaissance unit and began to receive Wellingtons a few days later. On 19 September, a detachment began operating from Mogadishu in the former Italian colony of Somaliland, which on 4 November was joined by the squadron headquaters. The squadron's patrol area covered the approaches to the Red sea, but Aden was found to be a more suitable base for the squadron, detachments being based on the Arabian coast and in Somaliland to cover a wider area. Patrols continued until the end of the war, when the squadron was moved to Egypt and began converting to Warwicks. These were flown on air-sea rescue duties, being supplemented by Lancasters in April 1946. Conversion to the latter type had just been completed when No.621 was renumbered No.18 Squadron on 1 September 1946.

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