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62 Squadron



Inseperato - 'Unexpectedly'


A meteor.

History of 62 Squadron:

No. 62 Squadron was formed at Filton on 8 August 1916, spending almost a year on training duties before being mobilised. The Squadron received Bristol fighters in May 1917 before going to France in January 1918. No. 62 undertook fighter patrols on the Western font for the rest of the war and then was disbanded on 31 July 1919. The Squadron was reformed again on 3 May 1937 at Abingdon flying Hind light bombers until being re-equipped with Blenheims in the spring of 1938. No. 62 was sent to Singapore a few days before WW2 started and flew coastal patrols between training missions until Japan entered the war in December 1941. No. 62 then carried out attacks on Japanese shipping but lost most of its aircraft from attacks on their airfields. While the Squadrons remaining Blenheims were raiding Japanese airfields the Squadron was re-equipped with Hudsons and withdrew to Sumatra. After the Japanese landed on beaches near the Squadrons airfields the survivors of No. 62 were affiliated into No. 1 (RAAF) Squadron. Remnants of No. 139 Squadron returning from Burma became No. 62 Squadron and they continued attacks on Japanese shipping and airfields. In May 1943 No. 62 was re-equipped with Dakotas and on 7 January 1944 started supply-dropping flights over the 14th Army front in Burma which carried on for the rest of the war. After the Japanese surrender the Squadron was engaged in general transport duties before being disbanded on 24 March 1946. On 1 September 1946, No. 76 Squadron was renumbered No. 62 and flew Dakotas on medium range services in India. In March 1947 the Squadron became a cadre before being brought up to strength in June and disbanding on 10 August 1947. No. 62 Squadron was reformed at Manston with Dakotas on 8 December 1947 before moving to Waterbeach to take part in the Berlin airlift before the Squadron was disbanded again on 1 June 1949. It was reformed again at Woolfox Lodge on 1 February 1960 as a ground-to-air missile unit before it was disbanded on the 30 September 1964.

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