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683 Squadron



"Nihil nos later" ("Nothing remains concealed")


In front of a mullet of six points, a telescope in bend

History of 683 Squadron:

No.683 Squadron was formed from B Flight, No.69 Squadron at Luqa on 8 February 1943, for photographic reconnaissance duties from Malta. Though equipped with Spitfires throughout its period of service, it also had a few Mosquitoes for two months in 1943. In November 1943 the squadron moved to Tunisia for a month, before being transferred to Italy where it joined No.682 in providing detachments of Spitfires throughout the Allied-occupied section of the country for the rest of the war. In August 1945, it sent a detachment to Greece but was disbanded on 21 September 1945.

On 1 August 1950, No.683 was reformed as a survey unit at Fayid. Equipped with Lancasters, it provided detachments in Arabia and Africa for air survey purposes and in December 1951 moved to Aden. In May 1952, the squadron was transferred to Iraq where it disbanded on 30 November 1953.

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