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82 Squadron


Squadron badge


"Super omnia ubique" ("Over all things everywhere").


In front of a sun in splendour a weathercock. During the First World War the squadron used as a badge a kettle with steam issuing from it with a sun in the background, and in reference to this retained a sun behind a weathercock which is taken to operate in any direction.


HM King George VI, December 1938.

History of 82 Squadron:

No. 82 Squadron, RFC, was formed at Doncaster, Yorkshire, on 7th January 1917, and from November 1917, until the Armistice served as an army co-operation unit on the Western Front flying Armstrong Whitworth FK8 aircraft. Disbanded in 1919, it re-formed as a bomber unit in 1937 and during the early part of the Second World War, flying Blenheims, played a prominent part in No. 2 Group's offensive against shipping in the English Channel and the North Sea, and "fringe" targets on the Continent. On two occasions during the summer of 1940 it was almost wiped out, but each time-thanks to the exceptional determination of the CO, Wing Commander the Earl of Bandon - it was re-formed within 48 hours to fight again. The squadron left Bomber Command and moved to India in the early part of 1942 to join the effort against the Japanese. The Squadron arrived in the Far East in May, and received Vengeance dive-bombers in August. Anti-submarine patrols began on 17 November but it was in June 1943 before bombing raids began against Japanese targets in Burma. These continued for a year before the Squadron was withdrawn to re-equip with Mosquitoes. Ground attack sorties began in December and continued until 12 May 1945 after which No. 82 was moved to India disbanding on 15 March 1946.

On 1 October 1946, No. 82 reformed at Benson and equipped with Lancasters and Spitfires it undertook surveys of Nigeria, the Gold Coast, Sierra Leone and Gambia, moving to Kenya in May 1947. In 1952, No. 82 moved back to the UK and was re-equipped with Canberras in November 1953, before disbanding on 1 September 1956. On 22 July 1956, No. 82 reformed at Shepherds Grove as a Thor missile unit, disbanding on 10 July 1963.

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