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93 Squadron



Ad arma parati - 'Ready for battle'


An escarabuncle.

History of 93 Squadron:

No. 93 Squadron was formed at Croydon on 1 September 1917 as a fighter unit but did not become operational and was disbanded on 17 August 1918. On 14 October the Squadron was reformed at Port Meadow with Dolphins but with the end of the war was disbanded again on 21 November 1918.

On 7 December 1940, No. 93 was reformed again at Middle Wallop from No. 420 Flight. The Squadron was equipped with Harrows modified to carry 'Pandora' aerial mines and some operational use was made of this weapon against enemy night bombers. Havocs started to arrive almost immediately, although Wellingtons did replace the remaining Harrows until the Squadron was fully equipped with Havocs by June 1941. However, the aerial mines proved to be of little value and with the arrival of radar-equipped night-fighters the experiment was abandoned and the Squadron was disbanded on 6 December 1941. On 1 June 1942 No. 93 was reformed at Andreas with Spitfires for convoy patrols over the Irish Sea. In September it became non-operational and moved to Gibraltar, moving on to Algeria in November, its Spitfires providing fighter cover for the 1st Army in Algeria and Tunisia. The Squadron was then moved to Malta to help cover the landings in Sicily and Italy, flying fighter patrols until July 1944, when No. 93 moved to Corsica. The Squadron again provided fighter cover, this time for the Allied landings in southern France, moving to the liberated area to cover the forces pushing north. In September 1944, the Squadron moved back to Malta to take up fighter-bomber duties for the rest of the war, the Squadron being disbanded on 5 September 1945.

On 1 January 1946, No. 237 Squadron at Lavariano was renumbered 93 Squadron which flew Mustangs in northern Italy until disbanded on 30 December 1946. On 15 November 1950, No. 93 was reformed at Celle in Germany with Vampire fighter-bombers. In April 1954 it converted to Sabres which were replaced by Hunters in January 1956. These were flown until until the Squadron disbanded on 31 December 1960.

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