Aircraftman Ross Mahon

Aircraftman Ross Mahon Aircraftman Ross Mahon

AC Ross Mahon's story...


  • Joined 7 months ago and am an Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic and am undergoing my training at Cosford before going out to continue this at a frontline station.
  • Before coming to Cosford, I undertook 9 weeks of Basic Training at RAF Halton; where we undertook field training, drill, first aid, gaining all the general service knowledge we needed to prepare us to become junior members of the RAF. The passing out parade at RAF has been the highlight of my RAF career to date.
  • Hobbies/Interests/ aspirations: I am a keen golfer; I have played golf for 10 years and have a handicap of 18. Also enjoy playing snooker and I am an avid listener to all types of music. Now I am in the RAF I am looking forward to my first posting and the opportunities this will bring.

Day 1 - 1st July 2008

The first day went well and was quite what I was expecting from the first day. All it was was a general touch up of the drill that everyone already knew and just see how it would all work with a large group of people and refine the timings. The weather however was far too hot for the No.1 Uniform inspection that was held at 1pm. I believe I was lucky in the fact I was one of the first to be inspected unlike the final people to be inspected two hours after me. This was pretty much it for the first day. One down, nine to go.

Day 2 - 2nd July 2008

The second day of the parade training today was on and off due to the rain, sun, rain, sun that seemed to keep changing. The drill, however was good; all of which the crew from Cosford had already learned, so it was good to have a recap and to see if we could still remember it all. Near the end of the day we were asked to perform some of the drill movements as well as sing happy birthday as it was one of the DOB HQ admin staffs birthdays. This was quite a good ending to the day as the sun came out. So, late start tomorrow, so a lay in is in order, and hopefully another day with no hic-ups.

Day 3 - 3rd July 2008

Today was a bit more interesting than yesterday as we learnt another drill movement and also there was the introduction of officers to the practices. The weather held out as well today which was good as it meant that there wasn’t a pause as there was yesterday due to the rain. I’m starting to look forward to the actual day more now, seeing as all of the teaching is over and now all we have got to do is sharpen movements up and learn the parade format. It seems like it is coming along more now, even though the next week is going to be very repetitive, but it has to be done if it is going to be a good parade. But no doubt everything will change when the RAF Regiment turn up to practice with us.

Day 7 - 7th July 2008

Today was the first day at Fairford on the parade square that will be used on Friday. This definitely made the event seem much closer that it did last Tuesday when we first arrived at Innsworth Station. The practice run went well, apart from the rain, which was almost horizontal straight into our backs. I don’t think I have ever experienced my shoes filling with water just from standing in the rain until now, and it wasn’t pleasant. But with the weather looking more promising towards the end of the week, we shouldn’t get a drenching on Friday, hopefully anyway. Apart from that, it was a good day, with only two more days of rehearsals before we do it for the last time in front of The Queen.

Day 8 - 8th July 2008

Today was a long one, on the busses for 7:15 and not arriving back to Innsworth until just gone 17:00. Even though it was a long day it wasn’t such a bad one as it didn’t rain and we were told that the drill and our standards are good enough for the final event on Friday. We did two run-throughs, in my opinion both as good as each other, although there were some tired faces to be seen at the end of them. I’m sure a lot of people are in the same boat, with aching arms, legs and backs from being stood for such a long time being in the Support Squadrons. Ah well, only one more rehearsal to do and then it’s the big day. More pressure Friday though because of an audience, and video cameras, not to mention the Queen. Definitely not looking forward to a late start and a very late finish tomorrow, but at least Thursday is hopefully a day to prepare our No. 1 uniform for Friday.

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