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March Gulf War Campaign Diary

This page will cover the 1st to the 15th of March

March 1st to 3rd

There were no offensive air operations in the Gulf, but in-theatre air defence, air-to-air refuelling, transport and maritime operations continued.

March 4th to 7th

Although there continue to be no offensive operations, the air transport fleet passed the 50,000 milestone today. Confirmation has also been received that all RAF POWs have been released and will be transported to Akrotiri for examination.

March 8th to 9th

Tornado F3s finally ceased CAP operations. Details have also been finalised for the recovery of RAF aircraft to their home bases starting on 11 March.

March 10th

All Tornado aircrew recently released arrived back at their home bases.

March 11th to 14th

The recovery of RAF aircraft commenced today, with Tornados returning to Bruggen and Laarbruch and Nimrods to Kinloss. The remaining Tornado GR1s, F3s and Jaguars will return in a few days time, with any SH assets to return mainly by sea. This will leave the following in-theatre:

20 Tornado GR1s
6 Tornado GR1As
12 Buccaneers
2 Nimrods
7 Victors
6 RN Sea Kings
6 Chinooks

March 15th

With the recovery of all planned aircraft to their bases, Operation Granby ended.

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