The aircraft were parked under sun screens to allieviate the worst of the heat

Operation Granby Colours

Picture: Tornado parked under sun screen to allieviate the worst of the heat.

The RAF aircraft that took part in Operation Granby wore very different schemes to those normally employed in service. The Jaguar, Buccaneer and Tornado strike aircraft were given an overall coat of "Desert Sand", as were many of the Chinook, Puma and Hercules support aircraft. Additionally, several Chinooks were given a mottle of black stripes for night special operations. The Nimrods, Victors and VC10s remained in their overall "Hemp" schemes, but several of the Tristar tankers were given a coat of "Desert Sand" on thier fuselages. In addition, many of the in theatre aircraft began to sport nose art from the earliest days of the conflict. These pages contain a selection of these colours and markings.

Please note - Some (in fact much) of the nose art carried by RAF aircraft during Operation Granby can be termed as "risque". If you are easily offended, please be warned!!

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Strike Aircraft and Fighter Aircraft

Maritime Patrol

Tankers and Transports

Support Helicopter Colours

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