Senior Aircraftman Gavin Barr

Senior Aircraftman Gavin Barr Senior Aircraftman Gavin Barr

SAC Gavin Barr's story...


  • Detachments to Basra and Kandahar.
  • Keen footballer.
  • Will take part in the Parade for RIAT.

Day 1 - 1st July 2008

Today was a long day, we learned alot from the drill instructors who seemed sound. Thought they’d be shouting and balling a lot more than they did. The weather was proper hot which didn’t help, but we got plenty breaks and a think we came on a lot from the start of the day.

Day 2 - 2nd July 2008

Today we had the cameras here so we had to make sure our drill was spot on. We’ve got a late start tomorrow so were happy about that; bar tonight so should have a good laugh.

Day 7 - 7th July 2008

Today was our first day practicing at Fairford. We didn’t really do much but when we did it rained. Feel the drill is at a good standard now and just want to crack on with the parade. Was pleased with our butty boxes, had a Waitrose sarnie for the first time, beats Aldi anyday!

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