Senior Aircraftwoman Jenna Callaghan

Senior Aircraftwoman Jenna Callaghan Senior Aircraftwoman Jenna Callaghan

SAC Jenna Callaghan's story...


  • I got detached to Seeb Oman in Sept 07 – Jan 08 working as the Accommodation Manager. Found this the best experience of my RAF career so far.
  • Also, worked at the Sunderland Air Show in 2005 and at the Fairford Air Show 2006, which also a great experience.
  • I went skiing to Italy in 2006 with the RAF. I also passed my driving test through the RAF.

Day 1 - 1st July 2008

Day one, well I say day one but it is in fact day eight for me! It has been quite a quiet one from my behalf. Sorted out accommodation for 250 people yesterday, but nothing ever goes to plan now does it?! There have been a few problems but nothing major. There are only so many times you can walk in and out of a barrack block and not get frustrated when people move things that shouldn’t be moved. I have had a lot of admin to sort out today so it’s been a good few hours in front of the computer for me! Had to stock up the bar again as when you have nearly 300 people you can go through a lot of beer! Been a really hot and humid day so that makes people tired including me. Watching the people on parade today I can only say I am extremely grateful I wasn’t outside on the parade square doing drill because of the heat! I was quite happy watching from the inside the office window!

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