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Sergeant Philip Jacobs Sergeant Philip Jacobs

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• Working in RAF Germany still holds special memories. To be stationed at RAF Laarbruch as a young airman who had never been oversees presented a tremendous development opportunity whilst working on what was regarded as a very professional Regiment squadron. It is from this tour that I carry my happiest memories of my service career.
• Recruit Ground Defence Training (RGDT) at RAF Halton also provided an extremely positive experience. I worked within a very high-quality training team to instruct and shape initial recruits at GDT. The tour proved to be very rewarding as an instructor as we could see progression and an end product in what was, and still is, a very short period.
• However, working at Al-Kharj during Op TELIC provided the best insight into what the RAF as an organization and a fighting force could achieve. To see deployed personnel working in unity in adverse conditions was both motivating and awe-inspiring.

Day 9 - 9th July 2008
We’ve drilled, we’ve bulled and now it’s in the hands of the gods. What’s apparent is the amount of hard work that has gone into the RIAT Colours Events (RCE). From the DOB personnel at Innsworth to the escort sqn, support sqn and standard personnel, everyone has worked extremely hard. As far as we’re concerned we’re as ready as we’ll ever be with one final rehearsal to go. It’s not been all smooth, as many readers will be aware, any detachment of this magnitude will always have organizational challenges. However, in true forces spirit challenges are always met with a workable solution. What has been surprising has been the positive approach of all participants. I believe that the sheer scale of what we’re about to embark on has suddenly been realized. When all personnel were present on the parade square at Fairford it was truly an awesome sight. Add to this music and highly-polished drill then it will become an event that we will be proud of for many years to come. Roll on the final dress rehearsal.

Day 10 - 10th July 2008
The final rehearsal has been conducted and we’re all ready for the final push. Most people would agree that we’re ready and poised for the big finale. It’s not all been plain sailing. The final practice was supposed to take place at Fairford yesterday evening. However, persistent rain eventually forced a cancellation, much to the disappointment of many people. We’ve already been drenched many times this week, what difference is one more soaking going to make? The dreaded curfew is in place again tonight. However, I am pleased to report it is nowhere near as draconian as reported in a newspaper yesterday.
So what has life been like at Innsworth? I hope that most will agree that it has been quite comfortable. 135 EAW have done a marvellous job of running a tight ship despite ill-informed newspaper reports. The food has been a good standard, events have been organised, queries have on the whole, been dealt with admirably. What remains for the RIAT personnel? Hopefully back-slaps all round for a job well done, move into the recovery phase and just a small gathering on Friday night. Time to put away the Kiwi and break out the beer(s).

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