The aircraft were parked under sun screens to allieviate the worst of the heat

Strike and Reconnaisance Tornado Colours

The first Tornado GR1s deployed to Muharraq during August 1990 followed by Tabuk in October and finally Dhahran early in January 1991. Each squadron had approximately 15 aircraft and 24 crews drawn from several squadrons. Shortly before hostilities commenced, 6 Tornado GR1As arrived at Dhahran. Early February saw the final Tornados deploy when a Flight of aircraft hastily modified for Thermal Imaging Airborne Laser Designator (TIALD) operations arrived at Tabuk. In addition, many of the in theatre aircraft began to sport nose art and mission scoreboards some of which are featured here.

A Tornado GR1 carrying the JP233

A Tornado GR1 carrying the JP233 on the centreline stations.

Tornado GR1 'Gulf Killer'

Tornado GR1 "Gulf Killer", a 20 Squadron aircraft.

Tornado GR1 'Foxy Killer'

Tornado GR1 "Foxy Killer", a 16 Squadron aircraft.

Tornado GR1 'Helen'

Tornado GR1 "Helen", a 15 Squadron aircraft.


A Tornado in a shelter at Dhahran. Long range missions need the use of the larger F3 drop tanks, which, as here, were still painted grey.

Please note - Some (in fact much) of the nose art carried by RAF aircraft during Operation Granby can be termed as "risque". If you are easily offended, please be warned!!
ee Tornado Nose Art

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