Halifaxes tow gliders over landings

United States Ninth Air Force

Allied Expeditionary Air Force - United States Ninth Air Force

10 Photographic
Reconnaissance Group Chalgrove, Bucks Lightning, Havoc,
Black Widow

IX Tactical Air Command
70 Fighter Wing:
48 Group Ibsley, Hants P-47 Thunderbolt
367 Group Stoney Cross, Hants P-38 Lightning
371 Group Bisterne Close, Hants P-47 Thunderbolt
474 Group Moreton, Essex P-38 Lightning
71 Fighter Wing:
336 Group Thruxton, Hants P-47 Thunderbolt
368 Group Chilbolton, Hants P-47 Thunderbolt
370 Group Andover, Hants P-38 Lightning
84 Fighter Wing:
50 Group Lymington, Hants P-38 Lightning
365 Group Beaulieu, Hants P-47 Thunderbolt
404 Group Winkton, Hants P-47 Thunderbolt
405 Group Christchurch, Hants P-47 Thunderbolt
67 Tactical
Reconnaissance Group Middle Wallop, Hants F-6 Mustang

XIX Tactical Air Command
100 Fighter Wing:
354 Group Lashenden, Kent P-51 Mustang
358 Group High Haldon, Kent P-47 Thunderbolt
362 Group Headcorn, Kent P-47 Thunderbolt
363 Group Staplehurst, Kent P-51 Mustang
303 Fighter Wing:
36 Group Kingsnorth, Kent P-47 Thunderbolt
373 Group Woodchurch, Kent P-47 Thunderbolt
406 Group Ashford, Kent P-47 Thunderbolt

IX Bomber Command
97 Combat Bombardment Wing:
409 Group Little Walden, Essex A-20 Havoc
410 Group Gosfield, Essex A-20 Havoc
416 Group Wethersfield, Essex A-20 Havoc
98 Combat Bombardment Wing:
323 Group Colne, Hunts B-26 Marauder
387 Group Stoney Cross, Hants B-26 Marauder
394 Group Boreham, Essex B-26 Marauder
397 Group Rivenhall, Essex B-26 Marauder
99 Combat Bombardment Wing:
322 Group Great Saling, Essex B-26 Marauder
344 Group Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex B-26 Marauder
386 Group Great Dunmow, Essex B-26 Marauder
391 Group Matching, Essex B-26 Marauder
One Pathfinder Squadron B-26 Marauder

IX Troop Carrier Command
50 Troop Carrier Wing:
439 Group Upottery, Devon C-47 Skytrain
440 Group Exeter, Devon C-47 Skytrain
441 Group Merryfield, Somerset C-47 Skytrain
442 Group Weston Zoyland, Somerset C-47 Skytrain and
C-53 Skytrooper
52 Troop Carrier Wing:
61 Group Barkston Heath, Lincs C-47 and C-53
313 Group Folkingham, Lincs C-47 and C-53
314 Group Saltby, Leics C-47 and C-53
315 Group Spanhoe, Northants C-47 and C-53
316 Group Cottesmore, Rutland C-47 and C-53
53 Troop Carrier Wing:
434 Group Aldermaston, Berks C-47
435 Group Welford, Berks C-47 and C-53
436 Group Membury, Berks C-47
437 Group Ramsbury, Wilts C-47
438 Group Greenham Common, Berks C-47
One Pathfinder Group Dakota
In addition, Troop Carrier Command used CG-4A and Horsa gliders

Allied Strategic Air Force

United States Eighth Air Force

7 Photographic
Reconnaissance Group Mount Farm, Bucks Lightning, Spitfire

1st Bombardment Division
1st Combat Bombardment Wing:
91 Group Bassingbourn, Cambs B-17 Fortress
381 Group Ridgewell, Essex B-17 Fortress
398 Group Nuthampstead, Herts B-17 Fortress
40th Combat Bombardment Wing:
92 Group Podington, Beds B-17 Fortress
305 Group Chelveston, Northants B-17 Fortress
306 Group Thurleigh, Beds B-17 Fortress
41st Combat Bombardment Wing:
303 Group Molesworth, Hunts B-17 Fortress
379 Group Kimbolton, Hunts B-17 Fortress
384 Group Grafton Underwood, Northants B-17 Fortress
94th Combat Bombardment Wing:
351 Group Polebrook, Northants B-17 Fortress
401 Group Deenethorpe, Northants B-17 Fortress
457 Group Glatton, Hunts B-17 Fortress

2nd Bombardment Division
2nd Combat Bombardment Wing:
389 Group Hethel, Norfolk B-24 Liberator
445 Group Tibenham, Norfolk B-24 Liberator
453 Group Old Buckenham, Norfolk B-24 Liberator
14th Combat Bombardment Wing:
44 Group Shipdham, Norfolk B-24 Liberator
392 Group Wendling, Norfolk B-24 Liberator
492 Group North Pickenham, Norfolk B-24 Liberator
20th Combat Bombardment Wing:
93 Group Hardwick, Norfolk B-24 Liberator
446 Group Flixton, Suffolk B-24 Liberator
448 Group Seething, Norfolk B-24 Liberator
95th Combat Bombardment Wing:
489 Group Halesworth, Suffolk B-24 Liberator
491 Group Metfield, Suffolk B-24 Liberator
96th Combat Bombardment Wing:
458 Group Horsham St Faith, Norfolk B-24 Liberator
466 Group Attlebridge, Norfolk B-24 Liberator
467 Group Rackheath, Norfolk B-24 Liberator

3rd Bombardment Division
4th Combat Bombardment Wing:
94 Group Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk B-17 Fortress
385 Group Great Ashfield, Suffolk B-17 Fortress
447 Group Rattlesden, Suffolk B-17 Fortress
13th Combat Bombardment Wing:
95 Group Horsham, Suffolk B-17 Fortress
100 Group Thorpe Abbots, Norfolk B-17 Fortress
390 Group Framlington, Suffolk B-17 Fortress
45th Combat Bombardment Wing:
96 Group Snetterton Heath, Norfolk B-17 Fortress
388 Group Knettishall, Suffolk B-17 Fortress
452 Group Deopham Green, Norfolk B-17 Fortress
92nd Combat Bombardment Wing:
486 Group Sudbury, Suffolk B-24 Liberator
487 Group Lavenham, Suffolk B-24 Liberator
93rd Combat Bombardment Wing:
34 Group Mendlesham, Suffolk B-24 Liberator
490 Group Eye, Suffolk B-24 Liberator
493 Group Debach, Suffolk B-24 Liberator

VIII Fighter Command
65th Fighter Wing:
4 Group Debden, Essex P-51 Mustang
56 Group Boxted, Essex P-47 Thunderbolt
355 Group Steeple Morden, Essex P-51 Mustang
356 Group Martlesham, Suffolk P-47 Thunderbolt
479 Group Wattisham, Suffolk P-38 Lightning
66th Fighter Wing:
55 Group Wormingford, Essex P-38 Lightning
78 Group Duxford, Cambs P-47 Thunderbolt
339 Group Fowlmere, Cambs P-51 Mustang
353 Group Raydon, Suffolk P-47 Thunderbolt
357 Group Leiston, Suffolk P-51 Mustang
67th Fighter Wing:
20 Group Kings Cliffe, Northants P-38 Lightning
352 Group Bodney, Norfolk P-51 Mustang
359 Group East Wretham, Norfolk P-51 Mustang
361 Group Bottisham, Cambs P-51 Mustang
364 Group Honington, Suffolk P-38 Lightning
Attached to RAF Coastal Command:
103(USN), 105(USN), 110(USN), 114(USN) Sqns Liberator

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