Image: A Mosquito NF 30 returns from a night interdiction mission.

The sheer scale of the aerial armada assembled to support the landings in Normandy is difficult to grasp. Every conceivable type of Allied aircraft was involved in the battle, from light, two-seat artillery observation posts to heavy bombers and assault gliders. Opposing them was the full strength of Luftflotte III, the Luftwaffe command that had been based in France since 1940 and comprised of a large number of day- and night-fighter and medium bomber units.

Listed here are the units from the RAF which took part in the actions over Normandy.

RAF 2nd Tactical Air Force

2 Group:

2 Group 137 Wing:
88, 342(Fr) Sqns, Hartford Bridge, Hants Boston IIIA.
226 Sqn, Hartford Bridge, Hants, Mitchell II.

138 Wing:
107, 305(Pol), 613 Sqns Lasham, Hants, Mosquito VI.

139 Wing:
98, 180, 320(Dutch), Sqns Dunsfold, Surrey, Mitchell II.

140 Wing:
21,464(RAAF), 487(RNZAF) Sqns, Gravesend, Kent, Mosquito VI

See 2 Group Gallery

No 83 Group No 83 Group:

39 (RCAF) Reconnaissance Wing:
400(RCAF) Sqn, Odiham, Hants, Spitfire XI
168, 414(RCAF), 430(RCAF) Sqns, Odiham, Hants, Mustang I

121 Wing:
174, 175, 245 Sqns, Holmsley South, Hants, Typhoon IB

122 Wing:
19, 65, 122 Sqns, Funtington, Sussex, Mustang III

124 Wing:
181, 182, 247 Sqns, Hurn, Hants, Typhoon IB

125 Wing:
132, 453(RAAF), 602 Sqns, Ford, Sussex, Spitfire IX

126 Wing:
401(RCAF), 411(RCAF), 412(RCAF) Sqns, Tangmere, Sussex, Spitfire IX

127 Wing:
403(RCAF), 416(RCAF), 421(RCAF) Sqns, Tangmere, Sussex, Spitfire IX

129 Wing:
184 Sqn, West Hampnett, Sussex, Typhoon IB

143 Wing:
438(RCAF), 439(RCAF), 440(RCAF) Sqns, Hurn, Hants, Typhoon IB

144 Wing:
441(RCAF), 442(RCAF), 443(RCAF) Sqns, Ford, Sussex, Spitfire IX

Air Observation Posts:
652 Sqn, Cobham, Surrey Auster IV
653 Sqn, Penshurst, Kent Auster IV
658 Sqn, Collyweston, Northants Auster IV
659 Sqn, East Grinstead, Sussex Auster IV
662 Sqn, Westley, Suffolk Auster IV

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No 84 Group:

No 84 Group 35 Reconnaissance Wing:
2, 268 Sqns, Gatwick, Sussex, Mustang IA
4 Sqn, Gatwick, Surrey, Spitfire XI

123 Wing:
198, 609 Sqns, Thorney Island, Sussex, Typhoon IB

131 Wing:
302(Pol), 308(Pol), 317(Pol) Sqns, Chailey, Sussex, Spitfire IX

132 Wing:
66, 331(Nor), 332(Nor) Sqns, Bognor, Sussex, Spitfire IX

133 Wing:
129, 306(Pol), 315(Pol) Sqns, Coolham, Sussex, Mustang III

134 Wing:
310(Cz), 312(Cz), 313(Cz) Sqns, Appledram, Sussex, Spitfire IX

135 Wing:
222, 349(Belg), 485(RNZAF) Sqns, Selsey, Sussex, Spitfire IX

136 Wing:
164, 183 Sqns, Thorney Island, Sussex, Typhoon IB

145 Wing:
329(Fr), 340(Fr), 341(Fr) Sqns, Merston, Sussex, Spitfire IX

146 Wing:
193, 197, 257, 266 Sqns, Needs Oar Point, Hants, Typhoon IB

Air Observation Posts:
660 Sqn, Westhanger, Kent, (Advanced Landing Ground) Auster IV
661 Sqn, Fairchilds, Kent, (Advanced Landing Ground) Auster IV

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No 85(Base) Group:

No 85 (Base) Group 141 Wing:
91 Sqn, West Malling, Kent, Spitfire XIV
124 Sqn, Bradwell Bay, Essex, Spitfire VII
322(Dutch) Sqn, Hartford Bridge, Hants, Spitfire XIV

142 Wing:
264 Sqn, Hartford Bridge, Hants, Mosquito XIII
604 Sqn, Hurn, Hants, Mosquito XIII

147 Wing:
29 Sqn, West Malling, Kent, Mosquito XIII

148 Wing:
409(RCAF) Sqn, West Malling, Kent, Mosquito XIII

149 Wing:
410(RCAF) Sqn, Hunsden, Herts, Mosquito XIII
488(RNZAF) Sqn, Zeal, Wilts, Mosquito XIII

150 Wing:
56 Sqn, Newchurch, Kent, Spitfire IX
3, 486(RNZAF) Sqn, Newchurch, Kent, Tempest V

34 Reconnaissance Wing:

16 Sqn Northolt, Middlesex, Spitfire XI
140 Sqn Northolt, Middlesex, Mosquito IX/XVI
69 Sqn Northolt, Middlesex,Wellington XIII

Air Spotting Pool:
26, 63 Sqn Lee on Solent, Hants Spitfire V
808(FAA), 897(FAA) Sqns, Lee on Solent, Hants Seafire III
885(FAA), 886(FAA) Sqns, Lee on Solent, Hants Seafire III
1320 Special Duty Flight, Lee on Solent, Hants Typhoon

See No 85(Base) Group Gallery

Airborne and Transport Forces

No 38 Group:

Airborne and Transport Forces 295, 570 Sqns, Garwell, Berks, Albemarle/Horsa
296, 297 Sqns Brize Norton, Oxford, Albemarle/Horsa
190, 620 Sqns Fairford, Glos, Stirling IV/Horsa
196, 299 Sqns Keevil, Wilts, Stirling IV/Horsa
298, 644 Sqns Tarrant Rushton, Dorset, Halifax V/Horsa/Hamilcar

No 46 Group:

48, 271 Sqns Downey Ampney, Glos, Dakota/Horsa
233 Sqn Blakehill Farm, Wilts, Dakota/Horsa
512, 575 Sqns Broadwell, Glos, Dakota/Horsa

See No 38 and 46 Group Gallery

RAF Air Defence of Great Britain

RAF Air Defence of Great Britain No 10 Group:

1, 165 Sqns Predannack, Cornwall, Spitfire IX
151 Sqn Predannack, Cornwall, Mosquito XIII
41 Sqn 'B' Flight, 276 Sqn(A/SR) Bolt Head, Devon Spitfire, Warwick, Walrus
126 Sqn Culmhead, Somerset, Spitfire IX
131, 616 Sqns Culmhead, Somerset, Spitfire VII
263 Sqn Harrowbeer, Devon, Typhoon IB
610 Sqn Harrowbeer, Devon, Spitfire XIV
68 Sqn Fairwood Common, Glos Beaufighter VIF
406(RCAF) Sqn Winkleigh, Devon, Beaufighter VIF, Mosquito XII
1449 Flight St Mary's, Scillies, Hurricane IIB

No 11 Group:

33, 74, 127 Sqns Lympne, Kent Spitfire IX
64, 234, 611 Sqns Deanland, Sussex Spitfire VB
80, 229, 274 Sqns Detling, Kent Spitfire IX
130, 303(Pol), 402(RCAF) Sqns Horne, Surrey Spitfire VB
345(Fr) Sqn, Shoreham, Sussex Spitfire
'A' Flight 277 Sqn Shoreham, Sussex Spitfire, Sea Otter, Walrus
350(Belg) Sqn Friston, Sussex Spitfire VB
501 Sqn Friston, Sussex Spitfire IX
137 Sqn Manston, Kent Typhoon IB
605 Sqn Manston, Kent Mosquito VI
96 Sqn West Malling, Kent Mosquito XIII
125(Newfoundland) Sqn Hurn, Hants Mosquito XVII
219 Sqn Bradwell Bay, Essex Mosquito XVIII
'A' Flight 278 Sqn Bradwell Bay, Essex, Warwick
456(RAAF) Sqn Ford, Sussex Mosquito XVII
418(RCAF) Sqn Holmsley South, Hants Mosquito VI
275 Sqn Warmwell, Dorset, Spitfire, Walrus
'B' Flight 277 Sqn Hawkinge, Kent, Walrus, Spitfire
'B' Flight 278 Sqn Martlesham Heath, Suffolk, Walrus, Spitfire

No 12 Group:

'A' Flight 504 Sqn Digby, Lincs Spitfire VB
316(Pol) Sqn Coltishall, Norfolk Mustang III
'B' Flight 504 Sqn Coltishall, Norfolk Spitfire VB
25 Sqn Coltishall, Norfolk Mosquito XVII
307(Pol) Sqn Church Fenton, Yorks Mosquito XII
Fighter Interception Unit Wittering, Northants Beaufighter, Tempest, Mosquito, Mustang

No 13 Group:

'A' Flight 118 Sqn Sumburgh, Shetlands Spitfire VB
'B' Flight 118 Sqn Skeabrae, Orkneys Spitfire VB
309(Pol) Sqn Drem, East Lothian Hurricane IIC

See RAF Air Defence of Great Britain

RAF Bomber Command

No 1 Group:

RAF Bomber Command 12, 626 Sqns Wickenby, Lincs Lancaster I/III
100 Sqn Grimsby, Lincs Lancaster I/III
101 Sqn Ludford Magna, Lincs Lancaster I/III
103, 576 Sqns Elsham Wolds, Lincs Lancaster I/III
166 Sqn Kirmington, Lincs Lancaster I/III
300(Pol) Sqn Faldingworth, Lincs Lancaster I/III
460(RAAF) Sqn Binbrook, Lincs Lancaster I/III
550 Sqn N Killingholme, Lincs Lancaster I/III
625 Sqn Kelstern, Lincs Lancaster I/III

See No 1 Group Gallery

No 3 Group:

15, 622 Sqns Mildenhall, Suffolk Lancaster I/III
75(RNZAF) Sqn Mepal, Cambs Lancaster I/III
115 Sqn Witchford, Cambs Lancaster I/III
514 Sqn Waterbeach, Cambs Lancaster II
90 Sqn Tuddenham, Suffolk Stirling III, Lancaster I/III
149 Sqn Methwold, Norfolk Stirling III
218 Sqn Woolfox Lodge, Rutland Stirling III
138(Special Duty) Sqn Tempsford, Beds Halifax, Stirling
161(Special Duty) Sqn Tempsford, Beds Hudson, Lysander, Halifax

See No 3 Group Gallery

No 4 Group:

10 Sqn Melbourne, Yorks Halifax III
51 Sqn Snaith, Yorks Halifax III
76 Sqn Holme-on-Spalding-Moor, Yorks Halifax III
78 Sqn Breighton, Yorks Halifax III
102 Sqn Pocklington, Yorks Halifax III
158 Sqn Lissett, Yorks Halifax III
346(Fr) Sqn Elvington, Yorks Halifax V/III
466(RAAF) Sqn Driffield, Yorks Halifax III
578 Sqn Burn, Yorks Halifax III
640 Sqn Leconfield, Yorks Halifax III

See No 4 Group Gallery

No 5 Group:

9 Sqn Bardney, Lincs Lancaster I/III
44(Rhodesian), 691 Sqns Dunholme Lodge, Lincs Lancaster I/III
49 Sqn Fiskerton, Lincs Lancaster I/III
50, 61 Sqns Skellingthorpe, Lincs Lancaster I/III
57, 630 Sqns East Kirkby, Lincs Lancaster I/III
106 Sqn Metheringham, Lincs Lancaster I/III
207 Sqn Spilsby, Lincs Lancaster I/III
463(RAAF), 467(RAAF) Sqns Waddington, Lincs Lancaster I/III
97, 83 Sqns Coningsby, Lincs Lancaster I/III
617 Sqn Woodhall Spa, Lincs Lancaster I/III, Mosquito IV
627 Sqn Woodhall Spa, Lincs, Mosquito IV

See No 5 Group Gallery

No 6 Group:

No 6 and 8 Group 408(RCAF) Sqn Linton-on-Ouse, Yorks Lancaster II
419(RCAF) Sqn Middleton St George, Durham Lancaster X
428(RCAF) Sqn Middleton St George, Durham Halifax II, Lancaster X
420(RCAF), 425(RCAF) Sqns Tholthorpe, Yorks Halifax III
424(RCAF), 433(RCAF) Sqns Skipton-on-Swale, Yorks Halifax III
426(RCAF) Sqn Linton-on-Ouse, Yorks Halifax III
427(RCAF), 429(RCAF) Sqns Leeming, Yorks Halifax III
431(RCAF), 434(RCAF) Sqns East Moor, Yorks Halifax III/VII

No 8 Pathfinder Group:

7 Sqn Oakington, Cambs Lancaster I/III
35 Sqn Graveley, Hunts Lancaster I/III
156 Sqn Upwood, Hunts Lancaster I/III
405(RCAF) Sqn Gransden Lodge, Hunts Lancaster I/III
582 Sqn Little Staughton, Hunts Lancaster I/III
635 Sqn Downham Market, Norfolk Lancaster I/III
105 Sqn Bourn, Cambs Mosquito IX
109 Sqn Little Staughton, Hunts Mosquito IX/XVI
139 Sqn Upwood, Hunts Mosquito
571 Sqn Oakington, Cambs Mosquito XVI
692 Sqn Graveley, Hunts Mosquito IV/XVI

See No 6 and 8 Group Gallery

No 100(BS) Group:

85(BS) Sqn Swannington, Norfolk Mosquito XIX
141(BS), 239(BS) Sqns West Raynham, Norfolk Mosquito VI
157(BS) Sqn Swannington, Norfolk Mosquito XVII
169(BS) Sqn Gt Massingham, Norfolk Mosquito II
23(BS), 515(BS) Sqns Little Snoring, Norfolk Mosquito VI
214(BS) Sqn Oulton, Norfolk Fortress II, III
192(BS) Sqn Foulsham, Norfolk Wellington X, Halifax III, Mosquito VI
199 Sqn North Creake, Norfolk Stirling III
223 Sqn Oulton, Norfolk B-24 Liberator BVI

RAF Coastal Command

No 15 Group:

RAF Coastal Command 59, 120 Sqns Ballykelly, Londonderry Liberator V
422(RCAF), 423(RCAF) Sqns Castle Archdale, Fermanagh Sunderland III
811(RCAF) Sqn Limavady Swordfish, Wildcat

No 16 Group:

143 Sqn Manston, Kent Beaufighter X
848(FAA) Sqn Manston, Kent Avenger
819(FAA) Sqn Manston, Kent Swordfish
236, 254 Sqns North Coates, Lincs Beaufighter X
455(RAAF), 489(RNZAF) Sqns, Langham, Norfolk Beaufighter X
Part 415(RCAF) Sqn, Bircham Newton, Norfolk Wellington XIII
854(FAA), 855(FAA) Sqns, Hawkinge, Kent Avenger

No 18 Group:

86 Sqn Tain, Ross and Cromarty Liberator
210 Sqn Sullom Voe, Shetlands Catalina IV
330(Nor) Sqn Sullom Voe, Shetlands Sunderland III
Part 333(Nor) Sqn Sumburgh, Shetlands Mosquito
Part 333(Nor) Sqn Leuchars, Fifeshire Mosquito VI
Part 333(Nor) Sqn Woodhaven, Fifeshire Catalina IB
1693 Flight Skitten, Caithness Anson

No 19 Group:

144, 404(RCAF) Sqns Davidstowe Moor, Cornwall Beaufighter X
235 Sqn Portreath, Cornwall Beaufighter X
248 Sqn Portreath, Cornwall, Mosquito VI
58, 502 Sqns St David's, Pembs, Halifax II
53, 224, 547 Sqns St Eval, Cornwall, Liberator V
206 Sqn St Eval, Cornwall, Liberator VI
311(Cz) Sqn Predannack, Cornwall, Liberator V
179 Sqn Predannack, Cornwall, Wellington XIV
10(RAAF) Sqn Mount Batten, Devon, Sunderland III
201, 228, 461(RAAF) Sqns Pembroke Dock, Pembs, Sunderland III
172, 304(Pol), 407(RCAF), 612 Sqns Chivenor, Devon, Wellington XIV
524 Sqn Davidstowe Moor, Cornwall, Wellington XIII
816(FAA) Sqn Perranporth, Cornwall, Swordfish II
849(FAA), 850(FAA) Sqns Perranporth, Cornwall, Avenger I
838(FAA) Sqn Harrowbeer, Devon, Swordfish

No 106 (Photo Reconnaissance) Group:

541, 542 Benson, Oxfordshire Spitfire XI
540, 544 Benson, Oxfordshire Mosquito IX / XIV

See RAF Coastal Command Gallery

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