Warrant Officer Nigel Higgins

Warrant Officer Nigel Higgins Warrant Officer Nigel Higgins

WO Nigel Higgins's story...


• Joined the RAF in 1974 as a Supplier 2.
• After basic recruit training at RAF Swinderby, my first operational posting was to RAF Digby, Lincolnshire.
• I have served in Germany, RAF St Athan, Munich, RAF Henlow and volunteered for a posting to RAF Bishops Court, Northern Ireland.
• After that I was once again sent overseas to the NATO Programming Centre Glons in Belgium as the Deputy Supply Officer.
• I have also served at RAF Lyneham, been detached to the Falkland Islands and posted to Philadelphia, RAF Leeming, RAF Lossiemouth and detached on OP TELIC to SEEB Oman.
• I have three grown up children, all of whom are members of the Royal Air Force.

Day 1 - 1st July 2008

Day 1, which is actually day 8 for me. The Deployed Operating Base (DOB) has been set up and some 230 personnel have arrived to commence drill training. The Headquarters staff are working extremely hard to support the parade personnel, delivering equipment to the parade ground and accommodation, as well as, arranging replacement uniform clothing and tailoring services for those who need it. All in all our task as the 135 Expeditionary Air Wing (EAW) support team appears to be going well and our ‘customers’ appear to be pleased with the facilities we have set up. I am looking forward to a run later to de-stress after another warm busy day, just hope my room mate doesn’t snore so loud tonight. Happy days.

Day 2 - 2nd July 2008

Day 2 for some but day 9 for the DOB HQ staff. Today’s weather gave the parade personnel a bit of a run around but the HQ staff carried on regardless. Taking uniforms to RAF Brize Norton for alterations, collecting replacement clothing from Benson. Also today saw the Birthday for my Admin Sgt, Ali Gowland. We organised a birthday card and some balloons to brighten up her day and I organised for the parade personnel to sing Happy Birthday to her on the parade square with 3 hip hip hoorays. The best is yet to come - more on that tomorrow. I also got to drive a double-decker bus on the parade square, one of which we will be using in the next day or so, boys and their toys. Tomorrow will be a very busy day with the arrival of another 250 personnel and the Squadron Standards that will be paraded at the RCE. Oh and the RAF Police told me today that they need an exercise area for their dogs that they are bringing, I just hope the guys in the SECCO Huts won’t mind the company! Well that’s all folks till tomorrow...................don’t hold your breath!

Day 3 - 3rd July 2008

Hi folks day 11 for me and day 3 for the bloggers. Yet another busy day for the 135 EAW Team with the arrival of the Squadron Standard parties, 61 Standards and 244 personnel, arriving from all over the world. So we have had to deliver admin briefs to all in bite size chunks, so that they know why they are here and what facilities there are available to them. Interestingly these are all Officers, Warrant Officers or Senior Non Commissioned Officers. It is 1845hrs and we still have 40 or 50 more to come so it will be another late night for us. On the up side the parade personnel are looking good as they practise their drills. We are getting into a good daily routine and tomorrow will see the arrival of the last 234 parade personnel, the professionals – Queens Colour Squadron and 34 Sqn RAF Regiment. Well folks that’s all for now have go, yet another arrivals brief to give to the latest batch of new comers.

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