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Bomber Command No.462 Squadron

No. 462 Squadron

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No 462 Squadron was formed at Fayid in the Suez Canal Zone of Egypt on 7th September 1942, by the amalgamation of Nos 10/227 and 76/462 bomber squadrons and was the first Middle East Halifax squadron. Tobruk was its first target on 8/9th September and thereafter its operational area was steadily widened to include, in addition to much of North Africa, Italy, Greece, Crete, the Dodecanese islands and Sicily. Early in 1944 it dropped leaflets on Greece, Crete, Rhodes, Leros and Samos and on 3rd March, shortly after having moved to Italy, it was re-numbered No 614 Squadron RAF and given a pathfinder role.

On 12th August 1943, No 462 RAAF Squadron re-formed at Driffield, Yorkshire, as a heavy-bomber squadron in No. 4 Group. It was equipped with Halifax B.III aircraft and operated in the Main Force with No 466 RAAF Squadron - its sister unit at Driffield - on both day and night ops until 22nd December 1944, and was then screened from operations pending a move to Foulsham in No 100 (Bomber Support) Group. It moved to Foulsham during the last few days of 1944 and began operations with No 100 Group on New Year's Day. The aircraft now acted as Window carriers in spoof raids and it was decided that, in addition, the squadron would be the first to carry a small bomb load to be dropped in the feint attacks. Later, TIs (target indicators) were also dropped to mark the target areas by blind bombing methods. In addition to the usual crew of seven, an extra member flew for the purpose of dropping Window.

On arrival in No 100 Group, the original intention was to make No. 462 a radio counter-measures unit with aircraft fitted with the latest W/T, R/T and radio equipment, the most important items of which were the ABC (Airborne Cigar) and the W/T jammer known as Carpet. The squadron's first serviceable ABC and Carpet jammer aircraft made its first operational sortie on 13th March 1945. Thereafter, ABC Halifaxes operated in small numbers continuously and the re-equipment of aircraft progressed steadily until at the end of hostilities in Europe there were 11 such aircraft in the squadron.

Bomber Command WWII Bases: Re-formed 12.8.44 as No. 462(B) Sqn at:

  • Driffield : Aug 1944-Dec 1944

On 27.12.44 was officially transferred from 4 Group to 100 Group, re-designated No. 462 (BS) Sqn & began to move to Foulsham.

  • Foulsham : Dec 1944 onwards

Bomber Command WWII Aircraft:

  • Handley Page Halifax B.III : Aug 1944 onwards

Code Letters:

  • "Z5"
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