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Historical Society Back Catalogue

The Society's back-catalogue of publications are available on-line here.

Historical Society Journal 56 Some idea of the breadth of topics that have been addressed in the past can be gained from the following examples:

  • the Strategic Bomber Offensive of WW II;
  • the TSR2 project;
  • the Suez campaign;
  • Confrontation with Indonesia;
  • the development of air transport in the RAF;
  • the helicopter in the RAF;
  • Reserve and Auxiliary Forces;
  • the Battle of Britain;
  • the evolution of Air Navigation;
  • the air war in the Far East;
  • the withdrawal from Aden;
  • electronic warfare;
  • the background to the Tornado project;
  • the RAF's involvement with nuclear weapons;
  • the history of the supply organisation;
  • the Falklands campaign.

It is some indication of the calibre of speakers that the society can attract that participants in the last of these events included two former and the, then, current Chiefs of the Air Staff. Similarly eminent speakers at recent AGMs have included Lord Healey, Sir Michael Quinlan, Dr Alfred Price, Air Cdre Henry Probert (a former Head of the AHB) and Prof Peter Hennessey.

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