Luftflotte III Stations of the the Battle of Britain

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Luftflotte Headquarters

The headquarters for Luftflotte III was in Paris and was commanded by [link not available]. The fleet consisted of 9 Jagdgruppen (Fighter Groups), 15 Kampfgruppen (Bomber Groups), 7 Stukagruppen (Dive-bomber Groups), 4 Zerstorergruppen (Heavy-fighter or Destroyer Groups), 1 Schlachtgruppe and a variety of long range patrol, weather and reconnaissance units. It was split into command administrative units as follows:

  • VIII Fliegerkorps - With headquarters at Deauville under the command of General Richtofen, the Korps consisted of three Stuka Wings, some Fighter-Bomber, Zerstorer and support units.
  • V Fliegerkorps - With headquarters at Villacoublay under the command of General Ritter von Greim, the Korps consisted of three Bomber Wings and two Reconnaissance units.
  • IV Fliegerkorps - With headquarters at Dinard under the command of Major-General Pflugbeil, the Korps consisted of two Bomber Wings, an independent Kampfgruppe, a Stuka Wing Staff Flight and a Reconnaissance unit.
  • Jafu 3 - The Jagdfliegerfuhrer had headquarters at Wissant under the command of Colonel von Massow, and consisted of nine Day-Fighter Groups in three Wings and one Zerstorer Wing.
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