Luftwaffe Organisation

Britain was almost surrounded by German air power. Luftflotte (Air Fleet) No 5 was based in Norway, Headquartered at Stavanger, Luftflotte 2 was in Northern France, Belgium and Holland, Headquartered at Brussels, and Luftflotte 3 occupied bases in the rest of France with their Headquarters in Paris. A German Luftflotte controlled both fighters and bombers in combined operations, but the RAF had separate Commands for the two tasks. To learn more about the organisation of each Luftflotte click on the colour icons or the map areas to go to a page describing the units stationed within each.

Above the three Luftflotte organisations, there were a number of units controlled directly by the office of Reichsmarschal Goring in Berlin. These were largely weather and reconnaissance units and operational standards organisations. The two based in the Battle area were:

  • Westa 2 ObdL - He 111H - Based at Brest.
  • Westa 26 ObdL - Do 17, He 111, Me 110 - Based at Brussels.
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