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04 December 2013

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Mark Newton, an ex soldier from 1st Battalion The Queen’s Dragoon Guards, visits RAF Lossiemouth on his fundraising tour of the UK on a mobility scooter.

Mark by RAF Lossiemouth’s gate guardianMark suffered a life changing injury to his right leg when he was detached to Cyprus with the United Nations in 1991. In 2009 Mark’s condition deteriorated, making it difficult and painful to walk, so he contacted the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen’s Families Association (SSAFA) who provided him with a mobility scooter.

Mark was made redundant in August 2010 and as a result started planning his first charity venture around Wales. Mark travelled around Wales on his mobility scooter, travelling around 1450 miles and raising over £9000 for his Battalion in the Queens Dragoon Guards, Help for Heroes and The Royal British Legion.

Not content with covering just Wales, Mark started planning his trip around the United Kingdom starting his new venture on 7th Apr 2013. Mark added SSAFA to his list of charities that he is raising money for on this journey.

Mark was greeted by the Station Adjutant, Flying Officer Jen Braysher, and members of the Help for Heroes committee on Station. Mark was offered a night in Station accommodation, but refused the comforts of a Mess room and opted to sleep in his trailer that is attached to his scooter. The Scooter was placed in the Station’s heated military vehicles garage, so Mark was at least sheltered from the infamous Scottish winter weather.

Mark is also travelling with his two cats, Smudge and Missy, who camp out in his trailer whilst Mark racks up the miles on his mobility scooter.

Mark said: “I try to make sure I’m self sufficient on this tour, but I’m always grateful when people are able to help get me out of the elements. I’ve been extremely lucky as people have been so generous.

Today has been a particularly good one as I’ve just reached £15000 in donations. Thank you to all those that have given their time and donated money to my charity venture.”

To donate to Mark please visit

Editor: Flt Lt Baxter

Photograph: SAC Ferguson

Mark by RAF Lossiemouth’s gate guardian.

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