RAF Media Reserves Support Exercise “Wise Owl”

07 March 2016

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Over a cold, wet and windy two days, RAF officers of the Personnel Branch Officers Foundation Course undertook media training, delivered by 7644 Sqn RAuxAF (Media Reserves).

Exercise Wise Owl

The exercise, located at Browndown Training Camp, Gosport consolidated course skills for the Officers. During their time on camp, the students also received practical training in handling journalist queries, visits from the media and media crisis management, known as a simulated press event or “SIMPRESS”.

Exercise Wise Owl

Reserves from 7644 Sqn played the role of journalists, challenging the students' ability to handle queries via telephone, whilst still delivering operational key messages. The officers are then tasked with creating a plan for a media visit.

Exercise Wise Owl

The final element of the SIMPRESS tested the students ability to handle the arrival of media during a crisis. Personnel from 7644 Sqn, acting as journalists, arrived, unannounced at the camp perimeter during a crisis event. The students were tasked to gather the appropriate information in order to maintain a ‘holding line’ with the ‘journalists’. On completion of the course, the students will move on to their taskings, with most becoming station adjutants. Their roles may require them to liaise with journalists and deal with media queries.

Editor: LAC Ronan Carey

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