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Royal Air Force Number 22 (Training) Group provides the qualified and skilled personnel that the RAF and the other two Services need to carry out operations world-wide. Number 22 (Training) Group has a wide area of interest with responsibilities for many aspects of ‘training’.

Air Officer Commanding Number 22 (Training) Group sits at the head of the organisation as well as occupying the role of Chief of Staff Training for the RAF. The Group is divided into 5 ‘pillars’, each headed by its own 1 Star commander. Through these pillars, Number 22 (Training) Group works with local communities, recruits and selects individuals to join the Service, provides comprehensive training, looks after individuals’ professional development and helps them resettle into civilian life after leaving the Service.

Number 22 (Training) Group has an annual budget off £234 million (excluding Service pay), directly employing 3,800 military and 1,900 civilian personnel. The Air Cadet Organisation has approximately 41,000 cadets and 12,000 adult volunteers. Each year, the Group trains around 61,000 individuals at varying levels of training across its 53 sites. A selection of these sites house some of the 420 or so training aircraft owned by the Group.

Number 22 (Training) Group’s history

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