This glossary is designed to help with some of the common terms, acronyms and abbreviations that occur throughout the site and documentation of No 22 (Training) Group.

For other RAF terms not mentioned here please refer to the general RAF glossary here.


AAC Army Air Corps

ACC Air Cadet Council - governing body of the ATC

ACCGS Air Cadet Central Gliding School - based at RAF Syerston

ACCSG Air Cadet Council Steering Group - advises the ACC on corporate strategy

ACM Air Chief Marshal - rank

ACO Air Cadet Organisation - comprising ATC and CCF

ACOS Assistant Chief Of Staff

AE Aeronautical Engineering

AEF Air Experience Flights

AFCO Air Force Careers Office

AFJT Advanced Fast Jet Training

AFPAA Armed Forces Personnel Administration Agency

Air Cdre Air Commodore - rank

AOC Air Officer Commanding - station ranking officer

ARTD Army Recruiting & Training Division

ATC Air Training Cadets

ATTU Advanced Tactical Training Unit

ATW Aerosystems Training Wing

AVM Air Vice-Marshal - rank


BFJT Basic Fast Jet Training


CAA Civil Aviation Authority

CCF Combined Cadet Force

CCLO Community Careers Liaison Officer

Cdre Commodore - Naval rank when used alone or RAF rank when used in Air Cdre

CFS Central Flying School - headquarters based at RAF Cranwell

CinC Commander In Chief

CISTU Communications and Information Systems Training Unit

COS Chief Of Staff - see also ACOS and DACOS

CPD Continued Professional Development

CTT Conversion To Type - Army equivalent term to OCU


DACOS Deputy Assistant Chief Of Staff

DCLPA Defence College of Logistics and Personnel Administration

DCPG Defence College of Policing and Guarding

DCTS Defence College for Training Support

DCTT Defence College of Technical Training

DE Direct Entrant

DEFS Defence Elementary Flying School - based at RAF Cranwell

DFT Directorate/Director Flying Training

DGE Direct Graduate Entrant

DHFS Defence Helicopter Flying School - based at RAF Shawbury

DLS Defence Language School

DMOC Defence Media Operations Centre

DofR Directorate of Recruitment

DPTS Directorate of Personnel Training & Strategy

DSAE Defence School of Aeronautical Engineering

DSCIS Defence School of Communications and Information Systems

DSEME Defence School of Electro-Mechanical Engineering

DSMarE Defence School of Maritime Engineering

DSOP Defence School of Photography

DSTO Defence SERE Training Organisation

DTR Defence Training Review - organisation within the MOD

DTTCP [link not available]


EFQM European Foundation Quality Management

EFT Elementary Flying Training


FD Force Development

FD(AT) Force Development (Adventurous Training)

FDTC Force Development Training Centres

Fg Off Flying Officer - rank

FJ Fast Jet

FT Flying Training

FW Fixed Wing - all aircraft excluding helicopters which are RW - Rotary Wing


GDT Ground Defence Training

Gp Capt Group Captain - rank

GSK General Service Knowledge

GT Ground Training


HQ Headquarters - general term

HQ AC Headquarters Air Cadets - based at RAF Cranwell


IDT International Defence Training - organisation within the RAF

IiP Investors in People - No 22 (Training) Group are proud to a part of this initiative

IofR Inspectorate of Recruitment - falls under DofR

IOT Initial Officer Training


JCA Joint Combat Aircraft

JEFTS Joint Elementary Flying Training School - based at RAF Barkston Heath

JFH Joint Force Harrier - Navy and RAF combined-force term for Harrier assets

JPA Joint Personnel Administration

JSATI Joint School of Adventurous Training Instructors


Kts Knots - speed measurement


LF Learning Forces


ME Multi-Engine (see also SE) or Marine Engineering

MEARW Multi-Engine Advanced Rotary Wing

MOD Ministry of Defence

MOT Motivational Outreach Team

MP Manpower Plan

MTW Military Training Wing


NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation - military alliance of democratic states in Europe and North America

NCA Non-Commissioned Aircrew

NFTC NATO Flying Training Canada - based in Moose Jaw and Cold Lake, Canada

No 1 S of TT Number 1 School of Technical Training - based at DSAE Cosford

No 22 (Trg) Gp No 22 (Training) Group


OC Officer Commanding

OCP Operational conversion phase - Royal Navy equivalent term to OCU

OCU Operational Conversion Unit - Aircraft-specific operational and tactical training


PEd Physical Education

PEdO Physical Education Officer

PTI Physical Training Instructor


QHI Qualified Helicopter Instructor


RAF Royal Air Force

RAFAT Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team - The Red Arrows

RAFLC Royal Air Force Leadership Centre

REME Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers - organisation within the Army

RLG Relief Landing Grounds

RN Royal Navy

RNSME Royal Naval School of Marine Engineering (RNSME)

ROAD Review of Officer and Airmen Development

RTS Recruit Training Squadron - located at RAF Halton

RW Rotary Wing - helicopters (see also FW)


SE Single engine (see also ME)

SEAE School of Electronic and Aeronautical Engineering

SEARW Single Engine Advanced Rotary Wing

SEBRW Single Engine Basic Rotary Wing

SEME School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

SERE Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Extraction - form of training

SO Staff Officer - officer post

SOTT School of Technical Training

S of PT School of Physical Training - based at RAF Cosford

Sqn Squadron

Sqn Ldr Squadron Leader - rank


TD Training Development

TG Training Group - now known as 'No 22 (Training) Group'

TGDA Training Group Defence Agency - now known as 'No 22 (Training) Group'

TMT Trade Management Training

Trg Training

TWU Tactical Weapons Unit


UAS University Air Squadrons


VGS Volunteer Gliding School


Wg Cdr Wing Commander - rank

WO Warrant Officer - rank


YA Youth Activities

YALO Youth Activity Liaison Officer

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